Do Our Animal Friends Really Know Our Skincare Routine?

Do Our Animal Friends Really Know Our Skincare Routine?

Have you ever felt that your animal friend knows when you're getting ready to step out of the house? Or they're ready to snuggle in bed just as they see you apply a night time moisturizer? I think they know! I've noticed changes in body language when I'm getting ready to go out or staying in to relax and sleep. It's as if they know that my last step is an occlusive product before I get into bed. So if my face is shining like a greaseball, it surely means I'll be unwinding with a cup of green tea in bed. 

Is that a pre-makeup moisturizer? Woof

I am 100% sure that my dog knows when I'm heading out to run errands, meet friends or attend a meeting. Every occasion calls for a different dress code, skincare code and makeup code. 

Before going out in the day, the most important thing is sunscreen. When my dogs see me slather a pile of zinc-based sunscreen, they know that I will be walking out the house door. They can smell sunscreen in the air and see how my head floats separately with streaks of sunscreen layered on my face. Sometimes they accompany me in the car, but other times they make a sad face while I say bye to them. 

If I am going for a night look, the first thing I do is use a heavy moisturizer so the makeup sets in without dry flakes. The minute my eldest dog sees me applying moisturizer and foundation, she knows that I'm going out to an event. She gets excited and wags her tail once I'm done getting ready. She follows me around the whole house in the hope that this will be a trip we take together in the car. Sometimes we do, but other times I have to step out alone for work (which is heart-wrenching because she seems so excited after witnessing my whole makeup routine). I am pretty sure she knows that an eyeliner means I will be going out. After all, dogs are smart creatures!

Night's Out, Light's Out: Going To Bed

Night-time skincare is about replenishing, repairing and treating the skin. This means following a routine that addresses any key concerns you may have, but it also means relaxing at the end of the day.

After changing into my pyjamas and cleansing my face, the dogs are usually lying in bed already! They really know when it's time to wrap up business and relax. They watch me apply my toners, essences and treatment serums. In the end, I wrap it up with a moisturizer and (sometimes) and occlusive. By that time I look like a glazed doughnut and the dogs look up at me and know it is time to brew some green tea. 

So I'd say yes, our animal friends know what our skincare or makeup routine means. They can sense our movement and anticipate our actions. This video is where Shay Mitchell's dog narrates her skincare routine! It provides a bit of comic relief, and makes me wonder what my animal friends are thinking sometimes.


The most enjoyable part about skincare is seeing their reactions when I apply face masks or use skincare gadgets. Their sniffing curiousity always cracks me up. Since I avoid most fragranced products, they don't have much to smell, but I bet they can smell the muted textures within the products.

My friend's cat loves purring while she does her skincare routine and eagerly watches her sitting while sitting on the bathroom floor. He doesn't move an inch until she is done with her routine. They both get into bed together and the minute she wears her silk cap, her cat is already fast asleep. It is amazing how animals adjust to our human routines. 

Does Your Animal Friend Have A Routine?

In my opinion, coconut oil in small amounts (only if verified by the vet) can be helpful for their fur coat. Especially during winters, however it is best to consult a vet because every dog is different which means their needs may vary.

My dogs don't have a skincare routine, but their usual routine includes checking for ticks, brushing, trimming their fur and filing their nails. It certainly doesn't involve toners, essences or serums because they aren't as fussy as us human. I forgot to mention, they also get their ears gently cleaned.

Share what your animal friends do when you're performing night rituals or your morning skincare routine. Until we meet again!

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