Festive Skincare: How To Share & Care For Yourself & Others

Festive Skincare: How To Share & Care For Yourself & Others

Winters and Christmas. A powerful combination of celebration, sharing and warmth. Plaid jackets and teddy faux fur coats might be in fashion, but what about skincare holiday gifts for loved ones? What about knowing the kinds of products or tools your friends need to up their skincare game? Also, what about making sure you have the right essentials for your overnight stay at the Christmas get together of siblings and cousins? The festive spirits are high, the tree looks magnificent and the entire menu has been pre-planned; but have you given any thought to how you will style your hair, protect your scalp and look fabulous for the holiday bash?

Do not fret because we are diving deep into all things festive AND skincare right here! Also, remember to embrace and celebrate yourself, these tips are not implying that we need to live up to photoshopped images that do not reflect the true nature of skin. There should not be any set standard for how to look or be, so be who you are and have fun. 



Preparing for the Merry Season 

Hydration, moisture and barrier repair are pre-requisites to maintaining skin health, especially during the winters. Top that with the pressure of celebration arrangements and family get-togethers and you might need a more impactful routine. This means starting off early if you have particularly dry or dehydrated skin. If not, you could probably stick to your original routine with addition of a heavier moisturizer for dry and cold winter winds. 

For those who fear excessive dryness and cracks in the cold, try to add more omegas in your diet. Make sure your diet is getting you all the good fats and hydration you require internally. Incorporate hydrating toners, essences and reparative moisturizers that focus on healing the skin. Adding in a few occlusive products like aquaphor or vaseline could also be helpful in some areas. You could also try slugging, I talk about it in an older blog post. The final goal is to ensure that your skin does not reach the point of no return. And that it is constantly hydrated so that the barrier is not impaired at any point. This means that makeup will sit and look much better on your skin, rather than flaking off.  

Shea butter, glycerin, ceramides, urea, hyaluronic acid, peptides, oils and many other ingredients are popular during this season. Make your pick once you know what suits your skin!

So if you're getting ready for that family dinner or celebration ritual on Christmas Eve, be assured that your makeup will glisten and glow due to a skincare routine that focuses on hydration. You might want to add an extra creamy moisturizer for any dry areas before applying any foundation. Now you can enjoy your night of celebration with family and friends, without fretting about dry patches! Also, if you want your makeup to last longer, make sure you use a mist that is hydrating and not matte. 

Hair For Celebrations

What about hair and scalp health? If you want to make sure your scalp health is on point, then just make sure it isn't too dry or flaky during this season. Make sure exercise, yoga and other activities allow enough flow near your scalp. There are many oils and serums in the market that cater to any scalp issues during the winters. However, it is best to visit a dermatologist if it is beyond what you consider normal. This way you can make sure your scalp isn't tight or dry. 

If you want a hairstyle that requires heating tools (curling, straightening), make sure to use a heat protectant. Blow drying products could also help give the hair a great effect. Just make sure you you maintain a well-kept routine before celebrations so your hair feels great on Christmas Eve. 

Also, if you're experiencing minor static due to your woolen sweaters then trying using deep conditioner or a light oil.

You're At The Celebrations, Now What?

Once you're in celebration mode and surrounded by loved ones, presents and excitement; you might want to make sure that you don't forget to moisturize your hands. After all, helping out with the decorations, food and arrangements could result in chaffed finger tips and stretchy hands that are crying out for a hand cream! You need them to be well-hydrated before you open up any presents. 

Make sure you have skincare presents for your family and friends. Whether or not they know much about skincare, you could always buy something that could benefit them. This includes replenishing moisturizers or lotions for face and body that have power-packed ingredients with hydration and moisture to overcome winter flakes. Do consider their skin type and allergies to make a good choice. Try to ask them about their skin-type and preferences in advance and try to figure out if something is missing out in their routine. Do they need sunscreen? Are they aware of how important it is? Maybe this is your chance to share your knowledge.

I also think foot creams are a great present! It keeps the feet soft and supple during the flaky season. Instead of buying products that are filled with fragrance, opt for things that offer more function than fancy. Hand creams underneath gloves are also a great present because our skin and cuticles require extra love when it gets cold. Buying travel or mini products is beneficial because this way gift-receivers are able to decide whether something worked for them or not without wastage. You could make cute gift baskets with a mini sized moisturizer and sunscreen for your friends for Christmas. 

Post care Christmas

After the fun celebrations and before the onset of New Year, you might have to recuperate and rest. This is also part of skincare and self care. Make sure you hydrate, rest and apply your desired eye cream, serum or any other product to relieve any fatigue after the festivities. If you're staying with family or friends until the beginning of the next year, then you might consider some downtime where you all have warm beverages and laugh at night. It doesn't mean that you should forget your skincare bag at home, but I'm just saying that laughter is great for the heart and soul. Unwind a little after the festivities and let your skin breath and relax after all the celebrations. Try not to overdo or underdo anything and keep your anxiety levels low by being kind to yourself.

Enjoy the holidays, until we meet again!



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