How To Travel Easy with Skincare: Keep Your Essentials

How To Travel Easy with Skincare: Keep Your Essentials

How To Travel Easy with Skin-care?


Lugging heavy suitcases and a bag full of skincare will just add to your worries. It can compromise the easy breezy experience of travelling and replace it with the nagging thought of leaking products. Is that really how you want to travel?

Why not travel easy with selective skincare items for your trip instead? Skincare while you’re travelling needs to be functional and protective in order to maintain your daily routine. You can even skip some extravagant steps that you do at home. Stick to steps that help your skin type and protect it from UV radiation. By focusing on these steps, you’ll be able to maintain your skin until you get back home!

Don’t forget your sunscreen 

Regardless of whether it is the season of summer or winter; you must carry sunscreen with you. I find it easier to travel with a few travel size or sample size sunscreens that I safely pack in a box stuffed with cloth material. This is done to ensure any potential leakage is absorbed within the cloth. It protects the rest of the luggage too.

Depending on hand carry limitations for liquid items, I make sure I carry a disposable sachet on sunscreen for one or two uses. Otherwise, I feel safer carrying sunscreen solid stick in my handbag. This ensures that I get sufficient sunscreen protection during my trip. This way I don’t have to worry about leaving behind my favourite sunscreen, or buying a new one at my travel location.

Sunscreen is a must, please remember to pack it when you’re on the go.


One Main Moisturizer

I have made this mistake in the past and I regretted it. In the end, I was met with a gunky mess of moisturizer at the bottom of my bag. It is not wise to travel with unnecessary items. You will be safe off travelling with your main moisturizer. This could be a hydrating creamy one especially for the winter season. Carry something that will work well under your makeup!

You can also seal the bottle or container with some tape to prevent any leakage.

Travel Size or Sample Goodies

Always remember to add a few travel size skincare items to your basket when shopping. These are very handy for travelling. Otherwise, you can always request the staff for some samples, these work equally well. Instead of travelling with full-size items, you’re better off packing tinier skincare items that will last throughout your trip. There is no need for added weight in your luggage.



Choose One Active or Main Ingredient Product OR Spot Treatment

When you’re on a trip by car, travel bus or an airplane; you might not have the time or space for a skincare routine that involves many actives. (Just as a disclaimer, please do not mix active ingredients that react together; or neutralize each other).

I usually choose one product that serves the role of an active ingredient. For me, it is usually vitamin C or tranexamic acid (even though we all know there have been claims by dermatologists claiming it isn’t that great, but that debate is reserved for another day). I wean myself off any retinol-based products because sometimes travel involves excessive sun exposure.

However, I do know people who stick by their tretinoin routine despite travel or weather because it serves the needs of their skin. So, make sure you pay attention to what YOUR skin needs and carry that one active product that serves you well.

You can also carry a spot treatment tube or tiny bottle in case travel and fatigue cause a breakout.


Winter Travel: Ceramides & Occlusives

Yes! You must carry a moisturizer. Make sure it is something that suits your skin type especially if you’re carrying luggage, missing out on sleep and not drinking enough water.

Travelling in airplanes can cause dryness, dehydration for many people which is why I recommend a rich moisturizer. Although, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Depending on whichever moisturizer helps your skin, try to check if it has ceramides. This will ensure that your skin remains protected and your moisture barrier is not vulnerable due to dehydration, dryness or the winter winds.

I understand that there is a lot of debate surrounding occlusives, some people love Aquaphor but others hate it. I find it useful to carry an occlusive like Aquaphor especially for my lips because they can get very dry in the plane. Plus, the winter weather could also dry out your lips if you’re travelling by road. Either way, it is a great product to take along with you. I also use it for slugging my face after I have arrived my destination. If you are not a fan of slugging, it can certainly help with any dry patches caused by the cold weather or fatigue of travelling.


Remember to carry less and not more. Stick to your essentials and listen to your skin when travelling. Take care of yourself, until we meet again!

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