Skincare Trends & Predictions for Year 2022

Skincare Trends & Predictions for Year 2022

As circumstances change, skincare trends adjust and evolve. The year of 2022 will probably reflect the growing demand of customers especially during a pandemic. Research and development in the area of dermatology and social media discussions about skincare affect the way people choose and buy skincare products these days.

Before I dive into a discussion about things that I believe might pick up pace in 2022; I also want to remind everyone that each person is unique and complete. Media and marketing have oftentimes made people think there is something wrong or less about them; to sell ingredients and products. Here is to the new year and new hopes that we find peace and acceptance within ourselves and make wise decisions that are centred around our well-being.


Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP)

This treatment has become increasingly popular for skin and hair. It will mostly likely be trending all throughout 2022. PRP has become a popular option for those who want effective results for acne scars or hair loss. Many people prefer it for that extra glow in their skin. Sure, it requires drawing blood. Reminiscent of vampire traits, but the plasma is injected back into the hair and scalp like the fountain of youth. No pain, no gain they say. But I would recommend looking into some numbing gel!

I don’t think PRP will be going out of fashion in Pakistan, since it seems to be an easy procedure with no foreign elements injected into the body.


Tinted Sunscreens

There is increasing awareness about the use of sunscreen, especially through discussions on social media platforms. You can find threads on Reddit, Facebook and Twitter that talk about how to protect your skin from UV rays. Along with sunscreen information, there has been a noticeable preference for tinted sunscreens (especially among people of colour).

Since masks have become a norm, it is likely that tinted sunscreens will be preferred over foundation. This will protect the skin and also serve aesthetic purposes. My personal favourite is the tinted Cerave Hydrating Sunscreen.

UV Face Shield

UV face shields look like part of a Darth Vader costume. I own one myself and my rough prediction says these might become popular due to the pandemic. Why? They seem like a useful alternative to masks that can sometimes cause mask-ne. Additionally, they can limit or at least act as a barrier to direct sun exposure when outdoors.

A few years from now, maybe Darth Vader face shields will be the new norm?

Pimple Patches

I don’t think these are going out of fashion anytime soon. Pimple patches are here to stay. They are great for pustules and pimples, especially overnight! Pimple patches are a great way to avoid picking on spots. The ingredients in the stickers are supposed to treat them by creating a safe barrier from the outside.

Pimple patches are still relatively new in Pakistan, and they’re probably here to trend for 2022. I think they’re great for mask-ne especially under the mask.


Mental Health, Body Image & Skincare

There seems to be a rise in accessibility to mental health services. This might bring more awareness to issues of body image and skin. Body dysmorphic struggles that manifest through body, skin or other self-perceptions might be addressed by experts in 2022. This could be a leap towards creating acceptance, self-care and worthiness within people. This will mean that conscious skincare brands will pay more attention to the feelings and well-being of customers.

I’m hoping to see more empathetic and humanistic campaigns for skincare and body products.


Vegan Brands

With more attention directed towards the rights of animals, there is a chance that Pakistan will see upcoming vegan brands. The skincare industry may start formulating products without the use of animals, animal-testing or anything derived from animals.


These are just a few of the predictions I have in my mind. There are a lot more, but maybe we can dive into them when 2022 begins! Remember to see how far you’ve come in the past year and appreciate yourself! It has been a tough year with the pandemic, but let’s hang in there, together.

Until we meet again!



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