7 Sheet Mask Mistakes You Might Be Making

7 Sheet Mask Mistakes You Might Be Making

Honestly, who doesn't love sheet masks? They are the perfect tools to turn an ordinary day at home into a full-blown spa-like relaxing experience. Incorporating sheet masks into your regular skincare routine can be super beneficial for your skin, giving it that boost of hydration that it needs. However, this is only true if you're using it correctly. How hard can putting on a sheet mask really be, right? All you have to do is rip the mask from its packaging, unfold it, and apply it to your face for the recommended amount of time. What could you possibly do wrong? Well, there are plenty of things you could be doing wrong during your weekly masking routine. Efficiency and effectiveness are two of the most crucial things when it comes to skincare and a good sheet mask offers both- given you know how to use it.


If you've ever been left disappointed by a sheet mask, the fault may lie in the way you apply it- not the actual mask. It could also be the lack of care that your skin gets before or after applying the sheet mask. And of course, the products you apply to your face make a huge difference! We're here to help you through the common mistakes you might be making while putting on a sheet mask; 

1. Choosing the wrong mask

A face mask should be picked based on your individual skin type and concern. You might think of them as a "one-type-fits-all" kind of skincare product, but you couldn't be more wrong! There are lots of varieties to choose from, with each mask targeting a specific skincare concern. For example, if you have dry skin, pick a hydrating mask but if you have oiler skin, go for a mattifying mask that will clean your pores. Whatever you do, remember that a face mask recommended by your BFF might not be suitable for your skin type!

2. Not prepping your skin before

In general, you would want to use a sheet mask on clean, dry skin so make sure to cleanse, wash, and pat your face dry before. Otherwise, all the goodness from the mask would not be seeping into your skin. Instead, it would get layered on top of the dirt and bacteria (ew) without actually making any difference to your skin. We prefer double cleansing in order to get rid of all the gunk, impurities, oil, and traces of makeup that could have accumulated throughout the day. You could use micellar water of your choice or a cleansing balm before washing your face with a cleanser. Once your skin is clean and dry, feel free to put on the sheet mask!

Pro tip: Use a toner after cleansing your face to gently exfoliate your skin. This will get rid of the dead skin that sits on top of your face, allowing all the goodness from the sheet mask to seep right in. Our Glow Toner contains a gentle concentration of glycolic acid which gently exfoliates the skin and is suitable for sensitive as well as acne-prone skin!

3. Not putting on the sheet mask correctly

Ideally, you want your mask to sit on top of your face almost like a second layer of skin. To do this, gently place the mask on your face and match the cut-out pieces to your eyes, nose, and mouth correctly. Be as accurate as possible before smoothing the mask over your skin. This may require a little bit more time but we promise, the results will be worth it! The more the mask clings to your face, the more chance of your skin absorbing its essence. 

4. Leaving it on for too long

We get it, it's tempting. You may even get distracted and lose track of time. However, leaving the mask on for more than the instructed time won't do any good to your skin. In fact, if the sheet mask dries up completely, it can suck moisture out of the skin. Remove the mask while it is still damp and if you feel forgetful, set a timer!

5. Rinsing your face after applying the mask

No! Don't do it! By washing your face right after applying the sheet mask, you're basically wasting the product. Your skin needs time to absorb all the essence. Instead of getting rid of the extra essence from your face, just gently tap it in. This will help the skin soak up all the hydration from the mask. 

6. Throwing away the extra essence 

When you open the sheet mask, you may notice some residue left behind in the packaging. Don't make the rookie mistaking of throwing it away! Scoop up whatever you can and pat it on your neck, elbows, or knees. Also, don't wipe the extra essence off your face with a tissue or cotton ball- that defeats the entire purpose of a sheet mask. Take advantage of every small drop of residue until its fully absorbed into your skin. 

7. Ditching the moisturizer

Sorry to disappoint but a sheet mask will not take care of all your skin concerns so don't let that initial glowy skin fool you!  Following up with a moisturizer is a great idea to keep your skin hydrated and to seal all that wonderful moisture in. A moisturizer will prevent all that moisture from getting evaporated into thin air. 

All this might seem overwhelming or time-consuming but don't worry, dim your lights, light a few candles, oil your hair, and put on a sheet mask for a full spa-like experience. You can scroll through Instagram or read a book while the mask dries on your face. Don't forget to keep a timer! Good luck!

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