7 Common Face Washing Mistakes You Could Be Guilty of Making

7 Common Face Washing Mistakes You Could Be Guilty of Making

Ever since we were kids, we were told to wash our faces and brush our teeth. Our days started and ended with those two simple tasks. Growing up, we learned that face washing is a vital step in any skincare regimen. Considering we've been doing precisely that ever since we started going to school, it has become somewhat second-nature to many of us.

However, it turns out that face washing is NOT as simple as we thought. Now, that's a weird thought- how can anyone get something as easy as face washing wrong? Make no mistake; there are a number of things you might be doing that could prevent your skin from looking it's very best. From using the wrong face wash to skipping the face wash before bed- here are seven of the most common face-washing mistakes you could be making:


1. Using the Wrong Cleanser

Yes, all cleansers remove dirt, makeup, and dead skin cells. So, how can any cleanser be wrong? Shouldn't you be able to pick any cleanser that looks fancy and use it on your face till you get sick of it? Beeeep. WRONG!

Everyone has a different skin type. Some people have sensitive skin that is prone to redness and reacts instantly, while others have an oily T-zone that breaks out often. It is vital to keep your skin concerns in mind when choosing a cleanser. Don't rely on your best friend's recommendation or the cleansers that your favorite skincare blogger can't stop talking about. Instead, choose a cleanser that maintains your skin's barrier rather than stripping it of all its natural oils. 

More importantly, remember to be gentle. Do not aggressively rub your face. Instead, gently massage the cleanser onto your skin in circular motions, making sure to reach every spot, and then rinse. Follow this up with the rest of your skincare routine.

2. Washing Your Face Too Damn Often

In theory, washing your face twice a day is healthy. Over-washing your face usually leads to irritated skin and the overproduction of oil. This is because when you strip your skin of its natural oils, it will start producing more oils.

However, if you have stayed at home all day, and your skin has not been exposed to any makeup or sweat, you can skip the night cleanser and wash your face with water. Many individuals with sensitive skin tend to wash their face once a day. After all, giving your skin a break once in a while is healthy.

3. Not Removing Makeup First

Have you been cleansing your face full of makeup? Think again! While cleansers are great for removing impurities, makeup, oils, and debris, they are not meant to clean a face full of makeup.

Hence, it is important to clean your face BEFORE you cleanse it. Grab some cleansing butter or micellar water to remove all traces of makeup and sunscreen. THEN start with your cleansing routine using your favorite face wash.

4. Using the Wrong Water Temperature

How often have you been told that hot water opens pores and cold water closes them? Don't fall for this myth! It is not true! Research shows that pores do not have the ability to open and close on their own. In fact, you should never wash your face with extreme water temperatures.

Always use lukewarm water to cleanse your skin gently. Remember, water that is too hot can over-dry your skin, leading to irritation and redness.


5. Exfoliating More Often Than Needed

Exfoliation is excellent, to say the least. It removes dead skin cells and leaves the skin feeling brighter, smoother, and worthy of all love. However, too much of a thing can be harmful.

It is essential to understand that over-exfoliating your skin can lead to irreparable harm. Not only will over-exfoliation strip your skin of its natural oils, but it will also ruin the skin barrier, which may take years to heal. Hence, stick to exfoliating your skin once or twice every week. Stay away from harsh physical exfoliators that contain sharp shreds of walnuts or almonds. Always patch test before using chemical exfoliants.

6. Skipping the Face Rinse

Time is limited, and everything is happening too fast- we get it. You might wake up some mornings after your alarm has gone off, only to realize you are late. You skip the morning shower, quickly brush your teeth, wash your face with a cleanser for five seconds, and rush to work.

However, rinsing your face too fast means that you are barely removing the dirt, debris, and oil that may have built-up on your skin overnight. This leads to residue build-up, which clogs your pores, causes acne, dries out the skin, and makes your face look dull and tired. Many people tend to miss out on the jawline, hairline, and nose while cleansing their face.

7. Poor Hygiene

It is important to keep your shower and face towels separate. What's even more important is not to rub your face too harshly with the towel. Remember, the key is to pat, not rub. Never share your towels with anyone. It is important to prevent germs and bacteria from spreading.

Even though rubbing your face with a towel can quickly dry it off and may even feel easier, it pulls and tugs at the skin's elastin, bruising the skin barrier. Our most recommended tip is to completely avoid patting your face dry. Instead, let it dry naturally! We promise it will not take more than 10 seconds.

Are you guilty of any of these face-washing mistakes? It's okay; we might be too! The best part is that you're never too late to relearn, grow, and evolve. Start by washing your face correctly from today, and keep an eye out for a noticeable difference!


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