Taking Care of Your Body During the Cold, Dry Winter Season

Taking Care of Your Body During the Cold, Dry Winter Season

For most of us, winter means cleaning out closets, repairing the heating system, stocking up on cute sweaters and sweatpants, and taking all necessary precautions to deal with the harsh, cold weather.

 Even though huddling around a bonfire, roasting marshmallows, and barbecuing kebabs are the best part of winter, there's no denying that the dryness and cold often takes a toll on our skin. You might have perfected your skincare routine, but what about your body? Here are a few things you can try this winter if you experience dry, flaky skin all over your body that itches terribly:

Switch Your Foaming Cleanser for a Gel Cleanser

You'll find lots of high-end cleansers that bloggers rave about. However, they might actually contain chemicals that are more drying and damaging than nourishing, especially for winters. Added fragrance and alcohol only makes dry, cracked skin drier as these substances strip the skin of its natural oils, leaving it "squeaky clean."

Instead, double-cleanse your face with an oil based cleanser instead of a water based one. Look for cream-based cleansers that will gently remove dirt and grime from your face, while keeping the moisture locked in. 


While exfoliating the skin on your face is extremely important, most people forget to exfoliate their arms, legs, and the rest of their body. Exfoliation will get rid of dry, dead skin cells so your skin won't have a signature white winter cast. Moreover, exfoliation will help regenerate new skin cells!


Look for natural, exfoliating sugar scrubs that you can use in the shower. There are loads of delicious-smelling scrubs available that will jazz up your shower routine.

Limit Shaving

If you don't like body hair, you probably spend most of your shower time shaving your legs. Shaving can become tempting, especially if you do not like the feel of ingrown hair. However, shaving only dries out your skin further.

In the winters, it is important that you shave as less as possible. If you usually shave once a week, try to shave once in two weeks. This will keep your skin moisturised for a longer time. Remember to always exfoliate your skin before you shave!

Short Showers

Winters call for steaming hot showers that get rid of the cold in our bones. There is nothing more tempting than having a long, hot shower and then climbing into your covers nice and warm. 


Sadly, not all good things in life are good for you. Extremely hot water dehydrates the skin by stripping away natural oils from the body. If you are coming out of the shower with red, irritated, and itchy skin, you might need to limit your shower time. Instead of opting for hot showers, take a warm shower. Also remember to keep your shower time small and sweet so that you gain stay warm while keeping your skin protected. 

Moisturise Damp Skin

Over the years, there has been a misconception. Most people use moisturiser on dry skin, thinking it will help keep their skin soft and supple. If you're doing this, it's time to revamp your post-shower routine. 

Lather a thick moisturiser on your skin immediately after you step out of the shower so that you can lock in as much moisture as possible. Choose body butters with oils that make your body smell great. Don't forget your hands, feet, and neck- the most neglected parts of the body. 

Invest in a Humidifier

As the temperature goes down, so does the humidity. Since warm air holds onto moisture better than cold air, your skin may feel dry during the winters and oily during the summers. But really, is anything more annoying than dry skin, chapped lips, sinuses, throats, and itchy eyes? In winters, many people experience nose bleeds because of dry nostrils. This makes you more vulnerable to falling sick as well. If you're asthmatic, cold and dry air is the absolute worst. 

The solution? A humidifier! Getting a humidifier helps bring moisture back into the surrounding air. This will keep your skin hydrated and dewy even in the worst of colds.


Trust us, we know how annoying winters can get. However, all you need to do is show yourself a little bit more love while enjoying the cold in fuzzy sweaters.

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I at first I thought the reason to take advantage of winter to shave as less as possible would be to minimize the possible stimulation of hair follicles :D.